Author - Sarah Shahzad

Basket Ball Match – A short Poem

Basketball Match - A Short Poem


Playing rough, playing low,

No idea where to go,

May the best win and the rest stare,

Go aside as they stare,

Wish they could tear the pair,

No one knows where to fetch as they throw to the air,

May no one win as they don’t play fair.

Basket Ball Match – A short Poem, Inspiration:

While sitting on the bench for the whole match and watching my underperforming team losing it.  That’s inspired me to write this poem.

Basketball is high voltage game.  By nature or velocity of this game everyone is suppose to be with full of energy to beat the opponent.

How do you feel when you don’t get any part in the game whether it’s basketball,  football, cricket, etc.?

Do let me know in comments below, how do you like Basket Ball match – A short Poem?

Lily Flower, a short poem

Lily Flower,


As I was sleeping, I had a dream of spiders

they were crawling around the forest,

but there was one spider who was white,

pure white as anything white you imagine

it was whiter then the clouds as if it was a cloud

a cloud that is in disguise of a white spider

who ended up being a dream of the Beach Spider Lily.


Lily Flower, A Short Poem – Inspiration:

Beach Spider shaped flowers look beautiful during the day.  A contrast of white flowers on green leaves is just amazing.  I think this bloom really looks like a spider which might scare you in your dreams.


Lilies are group of flowering plant.  These are found in various shapes, colors and sizes.  These have cultural importance.  White lilies symbolizes peace.  These are widely used in flower bouquet.

External Links:

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Water Droplet on the Leaf – Short Poem


Water droplet on the leaf,

The leaf was so special that it didn’t want to rush down,

As it is connected with the leaf,

But steadily the sun rises,

It had to go,

“Goodbye leaf“ as it swift down.


Living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia bestowed me with a lot of opportunities to observe water droplets on leaves and flowers.  During rainy season, lasts of the rain drops for every shower, stays on leaves and after the rain, these seem to be connected with leaves.  It inspired me to write this short poem.

Rainy Season & Water Droplet on the Leaf – Short Poem

South East Asia is blessed with amazing tropical weather and you can observe nature at its peak in countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia…..

Rainy season lasts for around six months.  During rainy season, some of the areas affected with flood. People of those areas have adjusted their lives according to the weather patterns.  Overall weather is nice and we see a lot of greenery. Rice crops have various colors till it is ready to harvest.  Lush green fields have an amazing look with white clouds.

People celebrate arrival of rainy season and end of it as well.

Short Poem – Irrawaddy Dolphins

Short Poem - Irrawaddy Dolphins


In the deep sea or in rivers,

in a time there was once a group that was everywhere,

But time goes passing you see no more than one,

you now can find only one,

Now in the deep sea or in rivers,

there was once a group that was everywhere

now there’s no group anywhere

“where is the Irrawaddy dolphin?”


Short Poem – Irrawaddy Dolphins, Inspiration:

On our trip to Kratie, Cambodia to see Irrawaddy Dolphins, it took us two hours to have a glimpse of an Irrawaddy Dolphin. Once these were in thousand in numbers but now their life is in danger. This inspired me to write a short poem – Irrawaddy Dolphins.

Endangered Dolphin Specie:

These are one of the endangered species. According to WWF, less than 100 individuals are estimated to exist.  We should make every effort to conserve this specie in Mekong River.

Make plan to see this endangered specie in Mekong River before it is too late.  You can arrange a day trip from Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Boat is available for an hour or so to search these in the middle of the river.

External Links:

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  2. Wikipedia detailed article on this Dolphin specie:
  3. New planned dam in Cambodia will impact survival of this specie, Aljazeera’s report:

Short Poem – Nature

Short Poem - Nature


Nature has been discussed everywhere,

But we do not seek, we only hear it,

We – ignore our surroundings

We listen to the music but we snub the birds’ chirps,

We watch animal movies but we overlook the animal’s interactions,

We sightsee the countries but disregard the nature,

“What can we do to bring nature back?”

Short Poem – Nature, Inspiration:

This poem is about our rejection of nature and adoption of artificial life.  Due to this, we have lost connection with natural habitat.  I wanted to share my emotions about unnatural environment vs natural habitat.

About Nature:

Nature is more precisely anything which is not men made.  Snaps of Mount Everest, K2, Sahara desert and Amazon Rainforest, etc. look amazing.  But we don’t make efforts to sightsee these places.  Natural environment gives you peace of life whereas artificial development is made to provide temporary comfort to humans. I order to enjoy natural places, we have to make efforts. Whereas unnatural stuff gives you comfort and our bodies are now get use to it.

As most of us understand, millennials and generation Z are more prone to artificial life.  They are ignoring nature. They can watch animal planet on TV for the whole day but they will not make efforts to visit animal habitats.

What we can do to bring Nature back?

I believe, we have to make rules/aggressive steps for new generations to make them attached with natural environment. These may include:

  • Compulsory visit to a desert, mountain, sea/ocean, rainforest/natural forest during 12 years of school education.
  • Education deriving interest of children to such environment.
  • Facilitate groups of children prone to visit such places. They should be provided with financial aid or grant.
  • NGOs should educate children about importance of nature.
  • Unnatural places impact our lives.  Children should learn negative impact of such environment.
  • We should avoid using plastics and don’t litter on natural places.
  • All natural places should be strictly conserved.

All these steps lead to a better understanding of nature. We should be able to distinguish between nature and artificial. This will improve our understanding of ecosystems, weather, geology and wildlife. Above all, our quality of life will improve.

It is a collective responsibility of all human beings to protect nature.  we also understand that a more reliance  on artificial life is leading us to disaster in terms of understanding natural life. But, however, on the other hand people living in outskirts find it very difficult to adjust to fast pace life of urban areas.  In conclusion, elderly people will still stick to natural environment as compared to younger generation, who will prone to artificial life.

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Short Poem – The Process of Plants Senescence

Short Poem

When the trees have got a time to change,

They don’t feel the change but when we see they are changing colors,

The leaves go green to purple, but they don’t observe.

Trees do feel change, but we don’t care…..

Short Poem – The Process of Plants Senescence, Inspiration:

This poem is about fall and winter season when weather force plants to bring change in their life cycle.  Old leaves fall and trees get ready to new leaves in spring.  It is a huge change in the life of a living thing but we mostly don’t care.

Chikoo or Sapodila Fruit – A Short Poem


Where and there only found here, juicy and rare

fresh and local the sapodilla fruit

its reddish brown color matches with the evening of the place

it’s so rare that it’s only found here.


Chikoo fruits of Ratanakirri, Cambodia are so sweet and juicy.  I wrote this poem about this potato looking yummy fruit.  Ratanakirri is less polluted and less dense area in Cambodia. Naturally fruits of this area are tasty.

Short Poem – War

Short Poem - War


Long ago peace was there, now time is passing by,

When the birds chirping and crows shouting,

War has come, only weaponry is used,

War only brings harm.

Short Poem –  War, Inspiration:

As I wrote poem on peace, I had this imagination on war.  Result is this short poetry. War will only harm to nature and earth overall.  Thumbs up for peace.

If you would to understand earth, explore google earth.



A Short Poem on Sunflower

“A Short Poem on Sunflower”


That little something on the ground,

No idea where it belongs,

Steadily opens its flower,

As if the flower was a sun on the Earth

Who follows the upper sun’s ways,

When it gets dark,

It closes itself so it can hide from the dark rays.

It is a flower no ordinary flower, but just a sunflower.


Inspiration, a short poem on sunflower:

I adore sunflower since the first time I saw it at a very young age.  It resembles sun, in another word it is a replica of sun on the earth.  This is one of my earliest poem.  I was writing essay on sunflower and these words came into my mind somehow.  The result was a short poem on sunflower.



About Sunflower:

The name sunflower came from the head of the flower that represent the sun and it always faces the sun. It came from Europe and were transported to other places examples America, Asia, Africa. It is the national flower of Ukraine and state flower of Kansas.

People also pant sunflowers so they can soak nuclear radiations and toxins from the soil.

The botanical name of the common sunflower is Helianthus annuus. The scientific name for sunflower is Helianthus, Helios from the Greek word sun and Anthus from Greek word flower.

Seeds extracted from ripe flower are also used for wild bird food and its oil is also used for cooking recipes.

Do you have any idea what happens to sunflower when it is eclipse?

About A Poem on Sunflower:

My brothers always ask me to write small poems that are about flowers. Bros, here is poem on flowers for you. I always tell them that this is not just a children poem but this could be for elders who enjoy poetry.  Poem for kids is my basic idea of writing.

Sunflower painting/ drawings:

While studying in grade 2 in Eton House, Cambodia, I was taught about sunflowers and we did some individual and group paintings of the flowers.  I was amazed when they introduced us to a Dutch Artist named Vincent Van Gogh, we saw his drawing about sunflower. Our first reaction to that painting was “WOW”. That prompted us to make more of flower drawings and paintings. it was fun.

Birthday Flower:

Here is a question for you.  Do you think sunflower could be part of flowers for birthday bouquet?  I believe so but what is your opinion?

Some Useful Links:



Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Today is a special day,

where smiles are around with happy faces,

no one cries except ones with no mother,

animals might not celebrate but they do it in their own way,

get ready for fun, visits and food,

because its mother’s day!

mothers everywhere are everything,

bring happiness for the family,

no more fights on the mother’s day

except the fighters saving their mother land,

today is mother’s day have a great day.


This poem is about most precious thing in our life, mother.  Mothers everywhere are everything.  We should celebrate this day thanking our creator for such a great gift in life.  This poem is dedicated to all moms of this world.

Mother’s Day:

 This special day is celebrated on 10 May every year.  It also falls on some countries on some other dates as well.  The purpose of celebrating this day is to remember and appreciate the person who brings happiness to family.  The ones who have mother should be spending their most time with their moms to make it valuable.  The ones who don’t have mothers, should be remembering them and precious time spent with them.

Ideas for Celebration:

  1. Talk a holiday and dedicate whole day to mum
  2. Plan ahead for a gift on this special occasion.  Jewelry, pendants, necklace, tea cups with captions…..
  3. Cook mommy’s favorite food, 2 meals at least.
  4. Take her to dinner at some exotic place in your city.
  5. Watch her favorite movie or drama or family’s old videos.
  6.  Plant a tree dedicating to your mum.
  7. The ones who don’t have moms, should visit their mother’s best friends or aunts. Also give some charity or feed poor people on that day.
  8. Last but not least, don’t forget your fathers as his day is coming on 16 June.

External Links:

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