Halloween Poem

Halloween Poem

Rhyming Poem

Cold night, dark shadows and in between,

Pale yellow leaves, making sound of a wolverine,

Crazy joker jumping on the trampoline,

All the scary events started even on nineteen,

Scared ones trying to find a place like canteen,

Some of those think, they are running out of caffeine,

Kids are fed up of candies; all of them want a bag of jelly bean,

Elder ones thinking of fulfilling their wishes by putting a machine,

A team of masked people running and throwing something green,

Looking at this, a shock wave passing through my body and spleen,

Don’t worry Sarah, this happens every year as it is Halloween.

(By Sarah Shahzad)

Inspiration, Halloween Poem:

Its Halloween on 31 October.  This is my first attempt to write a rhyme and rhyming poem.  But this Rhyme is a Halloween Poem. Halloween is a strange event/day which is associated with ghosts, scary things…..

A lot of kids write Halloween poems.  They write down their scary thoughts on paper. All  the kids wait for evenings and start planning trick and treat.  Focus is on the moon during this season so sun is mostly ignored.

Writing Rhyming Poem is fun as it is a time consuming stuff to find rhyming words and complete your thoughts.


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