Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating

Free Verse Poem

As the rain storms stops,

And as the wind hit the trees,

The kids go trick or treating,

While the parents give the treats,


Far away they don’t know,

A huge castle, with huge walls,

With tiny lanterns and huge pumpkins,

Striking light make it a creepy estate,

Nobody notices the origin of huge howls coming away,


As they sat till the day ends,

And Halloween comes,

The kids run up to their parents,

Showing them what they got,

After a journey of candy hunting,

Without starting they quickly ate them and go to sleep,

Without noticing the giant castle with huge walls.

(By Sarah Shahzad, October 2019)

Inspiration, Trick or Treating:

Trick and treat is most fun thing for kids in October. Kids collect tones of candies during last week up to the Halloween.

Not sure how this trick or treating started but it is fun for all young and old. If kids get candies or money then they don’t play mischief but otherwise they may do some strange acts. Kids normally go to the houses where they see some Halloween decorations. These may be a pumpkin or some spooky decoration. Kids never try those houses where light is switched off. Otherwise they may encounter a real spooky thing.

One thing is notable to mention that UNICEF is generating money for kids of under developed countries by Halloween fund raising. Children are part of this collection derive. They are collecting money for welfare of poor and needy kids.

What are the ideas for Halloween costumes this year?

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