Desert Falcon

Desert Falcon -


As it flies at the nights of the desert, finding its prey for the day,

 No one knows where it’s headed or where it’s stopping by,

Think hard to find the falcon flying through the deserts far away,

But finding one is possible, but finding flock is impossible,

Find and think hard to locate the flock to which it belongs,

With the guidance, the desert falcon may draw near,

Steadily walking through the desert, you encounter the desert falcon,

Who may be waiting for your arrival, for days, months, and years,

The time has came, to meet with the falcon,

Speechless when you hear its chant,

Who can visit the flock of the desert falcons?

Inspiration, Desert Falcon:

Being the World’s fastest animal, it inspires anyone or may be everyone.  Anyhow, I love falcons as if they are free, they are kind of living a king’s life on the sky but in captivity, the are mostly kept as a king of birds and trained as a sharp hunter.  Arab loves falcon and it is a symbol of pride for them.

The word desert falcon is so popular that when you search google, you find a  famous game with same name, a perfume, a gun , plane or jet……..

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