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Butterfly – A Short Poem

Poem “Butterfly – A short Poem” When you touch its wings, It feels like silk, When you hear, It will make the noise of the bird’s chirp, While you care, It will guide you to the light, But now you see no light, But go to...

Short Poem - Irrawaddy Dolphins

Short Poem – Irrawaddy Dolphins

Poem In the deep sea or in rivers, In a time there was once a group, That was everywhere, But time goes passing, You see no more than one,   You now can find only one, Now in the deep sea or in rivers, There was once a group, That was...

Short Poem - Nature

Short Poem – Nature

Poem Nature has been discussed everywhere, But we do not seek, we only hear it, We – ignore our surroundings We listen to the music But we snub the birds’ chirps, We watch animal movies But we overlook the animal’s interactions, We...