Author - Sarah Shahzad


Cure Poem, Kangaroo

Free Verse Poem | Cute Poem

The creature, jumps swiftly, with no stop,

As it glides through the air with large skips,

As it leaps, skips, jumps and hops,

It won’t stop, stop, stop and stop,

It might take a break of few seconds,

And it rapidly continues the way,

The way that will not stop the Kangaroo.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration for the Poem on  Kangaroo:

Most of us get fascinated by this animal.  A three legged animal.  Believe me or not, few years back it was discovered that Kangaroo has three legs.  Actually, its tail act as third one.  For detail read the link below:

This mammal is always on the move and we see all kind of movements it makes.  It seem like most of the time they are on either land or the sky.  Kids love it.  As they are indigenous to Australian continent or Oceania therefore mostly in other parts of the world we only see them in zoo.

Australia loves this animal as we see it on their coins, postage stamps, Quantas airlines and so on.

Kangaroos are herbivorous and as Australia is a lush green country where they have plenty of greenry to survive on.

They are distinctive mammal as they keep their babies in their abdomen pouch.  It takes babies more than 6 months to be able to survive in wild.


Happy Birthday to you my Friend

Happy Birthday to my Friend

Short Poem

Today is your special day, my friend,

Today is your most spectacular event,

Where all your wishes come true,

One by one from all your family and friends,

In the winter weather of December, as we feel,

But your invitation card is giving us warm touch,

We all will join you to celebrate your birthday,

And together have fun on your special day,

Many many happy returns of the day,

Happy Birthday to Noor, my friend!!!

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Theme, Happy Birthday to my Friend:

Today 22 Dcember is fun as its day of birthday of my friend Noor.  This free verse poem is dedicated to Noor.


Tiger in the bush

Tiger in the bush

Free Verse Poem

There’s a tiger in the bush,

Ready to ambush,

Wondering whether to push,

Risky or safe, not so staunch,

But it’s ready to ambush,

Handful of childhoods,

Aside the slide,

One slides down,

Pushes the bush,

Out of sight, the bush and the tiger,

Parents await their children to finish play,

Can’t see the tiger in the bush?

Tiger waits for crowd to move,

In the dire need of ambush,

Children leave food, snack and puree,

As there is nothing in this tiresome story,

Hurry to the forest after it eats curry,

Tiger gets back to same place with less worry,

Found the bush, under the white sky,

No one notices, there’s a tiger ready to ambush.

(Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration,  Tiger in the bush:

This is another free verse poem about life.  Even in most safe places, there could be unknow danger. People assume it safe and don’t bother to have a precaution.  Anyhow, most of times nothing happens and people survive of major issue.  That’s how life move on.

The above poem talks about carefree children playing the field.  Their parents are also looking after them which makes field bit crowdy. No one knows that there is a tiger in the bush.  Although there is a major danger there but tiger don’t bother to attack children. He is also scared of crowd.  As the crowd moves on, the wild cat specie only gets leftover food.

That’s what the life is all about.  We don’t notice disaster as it is around the corner.  We keep on doing daily chores and our life goes on.  At least disastrous situation seldom triggered off.

What is your opinion about it?

About Tigers:

Most of the people are facinated about this cat specie.  They have amazing brown and raddish skins.  Like human distinct finger prints, tigers have distinct pattern of stripes on their bodies. They are carnivorous and consume a lot of meat.  Some species of tigers are critically endangered, WWF is working with counties of Tiger habitat to save the specie.  Save tigers and save our planet!!

How do you distinguish tigers from lions?

Tea is Free

Tea is Free

Limerick Poem

Tea is free, going back to trees,

With no home of itself, living in the cheese,

Trees shake with spare hands,

With no bees, starting a band,

Tea is free, back in the trees.

Inspiration, Tea is Free:

This poem is dedicated to “Worlds Tea Day“. This day is celebrated on 15 December every year.  Its winter and tea is first thing come to mind to combat cold weather.  Thats why 15 December is chosen to be the day.

Tea grows on plants and it is amazing scene to watch tea plantation.  I had chance to see it in Cambodia and Vietnam.  I was wondering what if it grows on trees.  Trees are essential for our life as they provide oxygen, carbon dioxide, fruits, shade in sunlight and so on.  We should think of shaking hands with them, if possible.

Whenever I go near a beehive, there is a buzzing sound as a form of music.  So in any jungle, is it possible to have a band without buzzing bees.

Anyhow writing limerick is always fun. We imagine different funny situations as we move on writing it.

Do you know what is the easiest way of making tea? Just call mom and pledge her to make it for you.  What do you think?


Water on Earth

Limerick Poem

Our planet needs us to use less water,

As we waste it, our Earth gets hotter,

Don’t want to waste water but admit,

Water sinks swiftly as we won’t fit,

Our planet needs us to use less water.

Inspiration, Water on Earth:

This poem is kind of message to avoid wasting water.  Water on Earth is depleting day by day and as a free natural resource, we do not care about it. In addition to Water on Earth issue, we also face issue of polluting water.

I believe that in addition to air and sunlight, water is most valuable free natural commidity available to us.  As it is freely available so we waste it without noticing its deteremantal impact on overall Earth and our nature.

Lack of training is available to people on saving water strategies and also if they get training, but still don’t apply it into their daily life.  Saving water and lack of pollution is collective respponsibility of all, not just Government and not for profit organisations.

Special attentions should be provided to school curriculum to include training children in this domain and rather than just a part of syllabus, it should be introduced as a practical one.

What is your opinion about “Water n Earth” and how we can implement strategies to save it?




Unicorn Fish

Unicorn Fish

Free Verse Poem

There’s a Unicorn swimming,

But where are its legs,

It is scaring me,

It is small, not like a unicorn,

But in fact like a fish,

A fish with a medium sized horn,

I will call it a Unicorn Fish!

It swims rapidly, it swirls rapidly,

It is a Unicorn Fish!!!

Inspiration, Unicorn Fish:

Although uncorns are legendary creatures but non existent now a days. But unicorn fish does exist and I have seen it in an aquarium in Malaysia.

This free verse and short poem is about my thoughts when I have seen it with my eyes. I keep on thinking that how I could relate it to such a legendary and fairy creature but finally I gave up as it was just a fish confined in the aquarium.

Anyhow it was a unique addition to that aquarium and among unique aqua creature.  There they had some unique aquetic animals like angel fish…. but we loved this look a like legendary creature.


The Land and the Sky

Free Verse Poem

Warm water warm seas,

Not better than the rest,

Writing one while cold,

No way of heat,

Grass cries with fear, no heat, no warmth,

Flowers growl while they follow the winds above,

Wake the flowers,

Take the howlers,

No time to run or jump,

Sky wind blows high,

No one knows why,

Study the sun,

Study the speed is the only one,

Land or sky,

No one knows why,

Where to begin,

The land and the sky.

(Sarah Shahzad, November 2019)

Inspiration, The Land and the Sky

The theme of this poem is wide subject of land and the sky.  Both of these have several discoveries all the time and there is no limit when we can say that now we have discovered everything.

We have yet to discover the seas and oceans and creatures living in them. Scientists are still discovering new species of flora and fauna. New galaxies are being discovered and we have limited life to even travel to the nearest one.

So the question is, where to start? the Earth or the Skies?

What is your opinion about uncertainty around Earth, seas and sky, when we will be sure about it? or may be it will be an open subject for human beings?

Short Poems About Life

Short Poems about Life, Slug

Slug – Free Verse Poem

That slippery slime,

That crawls out of damp places,

In the sorrowful night,

It wishes to find a home,

A home of vegetables is like a dream,

If it was a dream like no wonder any slug likes one,

When they crawl out in the day light,

In the garden full of vegetables,

Their dream becomes one.

(Sarah Shahzad, November 2019)

Inspiration, Short Poems About Life:

This poem is about life of a slug.  It searches for a better days during its life cycle.  It spends all his life searching for a better place of living. Mostly dreaming of a home of vegetables.  It crawls during night time to search for a place to live happily but never knows that it is a dream for most of his fellows.  Once it find a perfect place to live like a garden of vegetables. That makes his dream come true.

Most of us dream of living a perfect life but that is impossible.  every stage of life has different challanges and we spend most if our lives to attempt these challanges.

Once that slug finds a dream place to live, it gets more predators and ultimately that dreamy life is very short.

Thats what this is one of mine short poems about life.  What is your opinion about life and challanges on the life?


Save Water

Free Verse Poem

We drink and use water,

Without knowing what it does,

What benefits it gives,

Water is around but has decreased,

Without knowing that the world is drying,

Before the leaves get crooked up as life,

We need to save water, to save our life,

Water helps everything,

As we need to help it too,

We do not need water just to drink and use,

We need it, to help it, so it can help us too.

(Sarah Shahzad, November 2019)

Save Water; Poem Inspiration:

This is a free verse poem on save water.  Water scarcity is one of major issue globally and particularly in Asia.  With increasing population, most of the countries faces issues in water scarcity.

Although this issue is being created by humans themselves. But now most of the countries are thinking of conserving waste water.

Save water means saving precious lives of all living beings.  Countries are focusing on planting more trees and teaching young generations to conserve water.

Aqua is basic need of humans and all other living beings.  Its cycle should not be broken otherwise we will face challenge of drinking to fulfill basic need of our body. Less amount of rainwater will lead to water scarcity.

In order to avoid the worse impact of waste water, we should consider saving water for coming generations.

Water pollution is also a major concern that haunt the nations on aqua conservation. Major rivers, seas and oceans are polluted with plastics and other waste which harm marine life and ultimately all living beings.

What is your opinion about save water strategies? Should it not be implemented on individuals basis or it is responsibility of the Government?

Scary and Funny Haiku

Halloween Poem

A ghost saying boo,

Witch flying a broom away,

Vampire finds candy.

(By Sarah Shahzad, October 2019)

Scary and Funny Haiku:

This is a funny and scary poem dedicated to halloween.  Haiku is difficult poem to write as one has to take care of syllables for each verse.

During October, kids love all kind of activities of Halloween. Spooky poems are also written during this season.

All kind of Halloween decorations are bought to decorate the houses.