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Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse, Poem on nature

Free Verse Poem | Poem on Nature

As the sun rises,

With lots of surprises,

Granting one after the other,

As slowly the day goes on,

The moon comes out mysteriously,

Blocking the sunny view of the happy people,

As the day gets dark,

As the nights of the shadows,

Making all of them frown,

The day continues for a while,

And immediately vanishes,

The people who saw that spectacular event,

Get surprised and worried,

The children get excited,

As the night goes long,

A night in the middle of the day.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration, Solar Eclipse:

This poem is about solar eclipse.  It is quite different from lunar eclipse.  That is to say that moon crosses the path and comes in between earth and sun.

Meanwhile some enthusiast await for eclipses but most of the people also worried about its negative impact.  Somehow people are afraid of coming out of the houses during solar eclipse but in contrast people with cameras loved to take pictures of it.

Solar eclipse on 25/26 December 2019 is called as final eclipse of the decade.  On christmas day, sun appears about one percent smaller in the sky.  Therefore we will be able to observe a ring of fire.

Some of the people are worried about eclipse and ask their children to stay away from the dark rays of the eclipse.

What are your thoughts about lunar and solar eclipse?

Dream World

Dream World, Poems about Dream

Free Verse Poem | Poems about Dream

Sleeping sloth dozing off,

Sleeping sloth snoring out,

Sleeping sloth cooling away,

The sleeping sloth will never walk,

Far away, where the bushes run,

And the bird talk,

The sleeping sloth will not walk,

And the sun so small,

And the moon so big,

The world in the size of the stars,

That shines away your fears,

As the sloth sleep by,

The world turns normal.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration, Dream World:

This poem is about dreams.  In this poem a sloth is sleeping whereas a lot of changes occur.  Whereas birds start talking, sun becomes smaller and moon takes the size of the sun. Our earth moves far away into the galaxy but it seem that our sleeping sloth is not bothered with it.  Above all, fears around big changes shines away.  But still our sleeping mammal is not bothered.

Sometimes people are not bothered with transitions that may occur around them. But, however they take it as normal and sleep on it. Sometimes when they wake up, every thing is normal.  Sometimes they start adopting to the changes. This is how the life goes on.

Dream world is what we develop in our imagination and build it over time. Holidays are the best time to day dreaming.  And then we have enough time to put that into words.  As we all know that dreams can be entertaining, pleasing or some time disturbing.

Here in the link below, a detailed overview of dreams is provided: