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Hedgehog - Animal Poem


Cute Poems | Animal Poems They live their lives round, Without any sound, They roll down to those found, Even though they can fall, Since they are such a ball, They care for others without them to notice, They protect others without some...

Sad poem

Sad Poem

Free Verse Poem | Sad Poetry Having no friend makes me sad, Even the days go bad, With nobody around, No one to play with me, A bee stung me, As pain glides through my soul, As my body burns like coal, I have to cry, to leave all the pain out...

Kitten, Cure Poems


Free Verse Poem | Cute Poem A kitten with cute wild eyes, Smiled as it walked through the park, As the day get dark, And as the lights spark, It rushes back as a shark, It combs its fur, as it purrs lightly, And goes to sleep. (By Sarah...