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Hedgehog - Animal Poem

Cute Poems | Animal Poems

They live their lives round,

Without any sound,

They roll down to those found,

Even though they can fall,

Since they are such a ball,

They care for others without them to notice,

They protect others without some notice,

They will always sleep,

They will always creep,

They might look dangerous,

But they sure are adventurous,

They will snuggle up to you,

When they know that you also care for them too.

(Sarah Shahzad, January 2020)


This poem  is about the cute little and adorable creature called hedgehog.  They are fun to watch but taking a hedgehog as pet is bit demanding so I would better get a plushy.  They are kind of round shaped but still not like a moon. I believe they must be fun for any one who has enough time to take them in their care.

In some countries and areas, it is illegal to keep hedgehog as pet.


Sad Poem

Sad poem

Free Verse Poem | Sad Poetry

Having no friend makes me sad,

Even the days go bad,

With nobody around,

No one to play with me,

A bee stung me,

As pain glides through my soul,

As my body burns like coal,

I have to cry, to leave all the pain out,

As I scream through my jaws,

Asking for help,

With nobody around,

To look far out,

If I go out,

I won’t be able to find my way in,

As they covered the exit, full of sadness,

With no way in,

With no place full of happiness,

I will stay locked out,

With my soul covered in coal.

(Sarah Shahzad, January 2020)

About Sad Poem:

Just imagine a situation whereby you have no friend and you encounter a situation where you need one to console. This is really a pain full situation and it requires courage to face it lonely.  This sad poem is about similar situation where someone is needed to get you out of lonliness and grief but no luck.

If you have no guidance then you may end up in a locked out circumstances and no one is there to rescue you.

Friends and family are suppose to take care of your sadness but as everyone is getting more busier in their lives, they have limited time left to think about their friends and loved ones.

Sadness if persists, lead to sickness. That could be a physical or mental one.  So better to express your feeling out and find someone who console you and provide you best of guidance.

Sadness also come with a rude and sometime bully attitude of your peers.  They make fun of your appearance or any thing. Their actual target is to make one upset. That is normally neglected by the parents and teachers. The end result is getting some mental and physical issue like aneroxia an bulimia.  So before the person under your support go into such condition or any other physical or mental illness, take care of them and provide them with appropriate consultation.

What is your sad experience and how did you cope with it?


Kitten, Cure Poems

Free Verse Poem | Cute Poem

A kitten with cute wild eyes,

Smiled as it walked through the park,

As the day get dark,

And as the lights spark,

It rushes back as a shark,

It combs its fur, as it purrs lightly,

And goes to sleep.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration, A Cute Poem on Kitten:

Kittens are so cute that they deserve more than a cute poem.  They are most adorable creature and people love to adopt them as a pet.  Once they are groomed, they are one of the best pet out there.  When they grow up, we are blessed with lovely cat to care for.

Who does not like cats?