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Limerick Poem Chicken

Limerick Poem Chicken

Limerick Poem A chicken stuck somewhere in the kitchen, Ready to get cooked for the hungry kittens, As it runs towards the farm, Races till it gets in the barn, That chicken never going back to a kitchen.  

Happy Birthday Daud

Poem A boy with happy pleasure, Came running down from the school, On the grey car with great big eyes, Rush down and down to the little, House with a sandy peach castle, Everyone was waiting for the day, His birthday was today on the lucky...

Basketball Match - A Short Poem

Basket Ball Match – A short Poem

Poem Playing rough, playing low, No idea where to go, May the best win and the rest stare, Go aside as they stare, Wish they could tear the pair, No one knows where to fetch as they throw to the air, May no one win as they don’t play fair...

Short Poem - War

Short Poem – War

Poem Long ago peace was there, now time is passing by, When the birds chirping and crows shouting, War has come, only weaponry is used, War only brings harm. Short Poem –  War, Inspiration: As I wrote poem on peace, I had this imagination...