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Scary and Funny Haiku

Halloween Poem

A ghost saying boo,

Witch flying a broom away,

Vampire finds candy.

(By Sarah Shahzad, October 2019)

Scary and Funny Haiku:

This is a funny and scary poem dedicated to halloween.  Haiku is difficult poem to write as one has to take care of syllables for each verse.

During October, kids love all kind of activities of Halloween. Spooky poems are also written during this season.

All kind of Halloween decorations are bought to decorate the houses.

Spooky Poem

Limerick Poem

In the night of October, the skies fall dark,

The howler beasts bark, while making an arc,

As the sun falls and the moon rise,

As the spooked ones’ cries,

As the monsters lurk in Halloween park.

(by Sarah Shahzad, October 2019)

About, Spooky Poem – A Limerick

This limerick poem is about the spooky events of Halloween.  This poem has a funny flavor by with a scary touch.


Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating

Free Verse Poem

As the rain storms stops, and as the wind hit the trees,

The kids go trick or treating, while the parents give the treats,

Far away they don’t know a huge castle, with huge walls,

With tiny lanterns and huge pumpkins,

Striking light make it a creepy estate,

Nobody notices the origin of huge howls coming away,

As they sat till the day ends, and Halloween comes,

The kids run up to their parents,

Showing them what they got, after a journey of candy hunting,

Without starting they quickly ate them and go to sleep,

Without noticing the giant castle with huge walls.

(By Sarah Shahzad, October 2019)

Inspiration, Trick or Treating:

Trick and treat is most fun thing for kids in October. Kids collect tones of candies during last week up to the Halloween.

Not sure how this trick or treating started but it is fun for all young and old. If kids get candies or money then they don’t play mischief but otherwise they may do some strange acts. Kids normally go to the houses where they see some Halloween decorations. These may be a pumpkin or some spooky decoration. Kids never try those houses where light is switched off. Otherwise they may encounter a real spooky thing.

One thing is notable to mention that UNICEF is generating money for kids of under developed countries by Halloween fund raising. Children are part of this collection derive. They are collecting money for welfare of poor and needy kids.

What are the ideas for Halloween costumes this year?

Halloween Poem

Halloween Poem

Rhyming Poem

Cold night, dark shadows and in between,

Pale yellow leaves, making sound of a wolverine,

Crazy joker jumping on the trampoline,

All the scary events started even on nineteen,

Scared ones trying to find a place like canteen,

Some of those think, they are running out of caffeine,

Kids are fed up of candies; all of them want a bag of jelly bean,

Elder ones thinking of fulfilling their wishes by putting a machine,

A team of masked people running and throwing something green,

Looking at this, a shock wave passing through my body and spleen,

Don’t worry Sarah, this happens every year as it is Halloween.

Inspiration, Halloween Poem:

Its Halloween on 31 October.  This is my first attempt to write a rhyme and rhyming poem.  But this Rhyme is a Halloween Poem. Halloween is a strange event/day which is associated with ghosts, scary things…..

A lot of kids write Halloween poems.  They write down their scary thoughts on paper. All  the kids wait for evenings and start planning trick and treat.  Focus is on the moon during this season so sun is mostly ignored.

Writing Rhyming Poem is fun as it is a time consuming stuff to find rhyming words and complete your thoughts.


Moon or Cheese


We look at the moon,

Wondering what is it made of,

Some say potato,

Others say volcano,

Some see grey tones,

Many say moon plateau,

But kids and I say, cheese,

It is round with holes,

Just like a cheese,

It is yellow and looks delicious,

Just like cheese.

Inspiration, Moon or Cheese:

This poem is a funny free verse poem.  One day all of us were discussing what a moon made up of? Many suggessions and ideas but finally all of us agreed that it is cheese. A full moon looks like cheese.  Its holes resembles the ones on cheese.

What do you think?

Flowers in the garden


There’s a Garden in a special town,

Belongs to a special one,

They had many lilies with roses,

But they can’t find and figure it out,

Somehow they found something they don’t see,

A flower that can be special as it be,

Unknown colour, they say,

Wishing they could stay,

In the garden of flowers,

With special kind, they find,

Wishing they could keep,

Unknown with the lilies and roses.

Inspiration, Flowers in the garden:

This is a free verse poem about a beautiful garden maintained by someone special.  There are  roses and lilies.  Among these flowers there was a special kind. This place is difficult to find and figure it out.  Once someone found it, they wanted to stay there. That special flower is among the sea of roses and lilies, it was an unknown  color and specie. Once you see it, you wish to stay there.

Happy Teachers’ Day

Happy Teachers' Day poem

Poem: Happy Teachers’ Day

If there is no light, they shine our darkness,
If there is no hope, they give us faith,
If there is a woe, they give us blessings,
If there is a pain, they give us care,
Who provide us shine, faith, blessings and care,
Not any ordinary person but our teachers,
When we are helpless, they are there for dependence,
When we are weak, they are there to secure us,
When we are fragile, they are there to protect us,
When we are frail, they are there to make us healthy again,
Who provide us dependence, security, protection and health,
Not any ordinary person but our teachers,
Parents love, care, protect and guide us at home,
Teachers do same at school to make us feel home,
Teachers anywhere and everywhere should be respected,
As they give guidance to us more than expected,
Teachers will always guide us to the correct trail,
They will always try their best to not make us fail,
Thank you to all the teachers,
Its your day, Happy Teachers’ Day.

by Sarah Shahzad
Dated: 05-10-2019


My teachers are all respectable and I am dedicating this poem to all teachers.  They are just like parents who give us education, care, faith and blessings.  They are always there to help us when we need someone’s attention.

Happy teachers’ day is celebrated on 5th October every year.  This day is a reminder to all of us that there were the path that guide us to enlightenment.

This is another important day to remember after mother’s day and father’s day.





Far in the skies, ones’ reflections wandered,

What’s above the sky at night,

Little they know less,

Once a wise person discovered that,

At night, An object hovers above the skies,

They only observe a strange object,

That changes shapes and coloring effect,

Beyond this object everything is far away from their understanding,

So they focused on this odd object that moves at night, notwithstanding,

Gee, they don’t know, what is it called,

These ancient ones then called it moon,

One fine day as they did not see it,

Cries louder, the sea heard,

Then, at last, came the moon,

Sky high, where no one knows why,

People again wandered, what it is useful of,

Some made lunar calendar,

Some observed tides on the sea,

Some made literature and poems,

Some waited for it to be brought to Earth,

And some landed on it,

Far at night, now there’s a moon to shine bright,

With no fight to shine, it shines for light,

Where lands are dark at nights,

Now everything’s perfect with a moon to sight.

Inspiration, Moon:

This poem is about the most facinating subject, I believe.  Lunar has been all around literature, stories, poems….

Moon has all kind of inspiration as a cultural symbol, religious significance and so on.