Nile Crocodile

Nile Crocodile


Big reptiles crawling on the dry grass,

Waiting for a prey,

Can’t see one so they move on,

They want to snap, and squish,

They want to find a good prey,

To satisfy their hunger and energy,

They can’t find prey here, so they move there,

Away from the rivals who are powerful, and mighty

They cross the rivers for a quest,

Can’t find many, to eat and reload energy,

They need strength to prove their might,

If can’t find a bite, they are doomed with hunger,

Eventually find one as they are Crocodile,

Not the ordinary ones but the mighty Nile Crocodile.


Inspiration, Nile Crocodile:

Nile Crocodiles are considered as a dangerous specie reptiles found on the river Nile.  If a prey come near these reptiles, they are ready to squish any size of the prey.  They survive on the fishes and all kind of land animals.    They are the largest, fearsome and mighty predators of Africa.  Even humans are afraid of these predators.  If anyone crosses path with these fearsome animal then it is time to save  your soul (SOS).

Nature has given these animals top spot on the food chain.  But they are social animal and very much attentive parents.


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