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Haiku Poem

Our Earth

A sphere ball moving,

Roving in solar system,

Our Earth need helpers!

Inspiration, Haiku Poem:

This is my first attempt to write Haiku Poems.  It really need a much more effort than free verse as we have to take care of syllables rule.  I have tried using 5-7-5 syllables rule on above poem.

This poem is dedicated to Eath Day and people making a difference by dedicating their lives for save our planet and Climate change. #Climate Week

Do let me know if you like my poem?


Nile Crocodile

Nile Crocodile


Big reptiles crawling on the dry grass,

Waiting for a prey,

Can’t see one so they move on,

They want to snap, and squish,

They want to find a good prey,

To satisfy their hunger and energy,

They can’t find prey here, so they move there,

Away from the rivals who are powerful, and mighty

They cross the rivers for a quest,

Can’t find many, to eat and reload energy,

They need strength to prove their might,

If can’t find a bite, they are doomed with hunger,

Eventually find one as they are Crocodile,

Not the ordinary ones but the mighty Nile Crocodile.


Inspiration, Nile Crocodile:

Nile Crocodiles are considered as a dangerous specie reptiles found on the river Nile.  If a prey come near these reptiles, they are ready to squish any size of the prey.  They survive on the fishes and all kind of land animals.    They are the largest, fearsome and mighty predators of Africa.  Even humans are afraid of these predators.  If anyone crosses path with these fearsome animal then it is time to save  your soul (SOS).

Nature has given these animals top spot on the food chain.  But they are social animal and very much attentive parents.


Our Earth

Our Earth


There is something round,
And bouncy, over the land, it is a ball,
There is something sphere,
And moving, around the solar system, it is the Earth,
The Earth that we live in,
The Earth that we take resources from,
The Earth that fulfils our dreams,
But we don’t take care of our Earth,
Alas, we don’t take care of our lives, means and dreams,
Sooner or later,
There will be fewer resources to store,
There will be less flora and fauna to benefit from,
There will be fights for resources to secure,
Please take care of our Earth!


Our Planet is a special gift for human beings from Allah.  We should take care of it.  We should not consider it as an ordinary thing.  There are so many things that we have discovered to date and still a long journey to a complete discovery.

Our planets’ resources like water, minerals, natural resources etc. are depleting day by day.  We should take care of them.  With more and more modernization, nature is affected the most. With deleting resources and increase in population, countries go for wars.  Wars affect not only human beings but also the communities, nature and above all our planet.

Earth day:

We celebrate Earth day on 22 April.  For that one day, we are fully committed to do something good for nature.  All over the world there are discussions on environment changes, conservation of natural resources, cutting down plastic usage, less reliance on fossil fuel.  Next day we forget all these positive talks.

Our Planet:

Our planet has special status in the milky way galaxy.  It has a perfect environment for living beings.  So many new species discovered every other day.  Human beings have ruled this planet since they step down on the land of this planet.  We know that technological advancements have given our life a lot of comforts but we are neglecting our globe.



Persian Cats

Persian Cat Pet


Persian cats are older, wiser and always in a mood,

Can’t tell if one is sad, angry, happy or good,

Because they are fluffy,

From the outside as they appear,

They like all cat thing,

They are all like cats,

Only different from the fur as we know,

They appear in many shapes of fur, and always purr,

They can get sleepy and tired,

But their energy is always high,

Don’t make them sleepy as they will lose their energy,

Might be sensitive in heart, but strong in faith,

Always ready to come for help, and will help others,

They have all common features, but they have hairy fur,

And all have the same behaviour,

With their powerful fur, they can survive the winter seasons,

It’s a nice cat breed to have.


Inspiration, Persian Cats:

This poem is about the Persian Cats.  I think these are the best pets anyone can have.  A young cat can be tamed easily and be part of family in no time. As these are sensitive so you have to rake special care of them.

Caring a feline pet:

One has to take special care of feline pets. As they attached with you easily so they ask for same care and attention.  Some of the factors you have to take care of:

  1. Feed them regularly and on time. It is better to provide them with cat food. Avoid feeding them the human food;
  2. Take them for a walk in the open air, parks or so;
  3. Get a grooming kit for Persian cats. they also need to take bath regularly or at least a regular comb or brush;
  4. Get some toys for them to play like balls, plastic mouse, etc….
  5. Buy some pet apparels, collars or accessories;
  6.  Cat house, beds or mats, litter boxes and feeding pots are a must have.

Suggested Pet Accessories:

A nice collection of pet accessories is available at at a reasonable price.



Neck ties:




Minky and Pinky the chicks

Minky and Pinky the chicks


Born a few minutes apart from each other,

Lovely happy born sisters,

The youngest chick, Pinky,

Minky, the eldest chick


Both with same attitude and persona,

Never stop to tremble,

Until the time of slumber,

Never stop to shrinkle,

Until the time of nibble,


The new chicks in the block,

Have many friends with their friends,

Join in the adventure with sis

Who have space in their hearts & pockets


Certainly accept a large number of requests,

As a strange persona; they will always try their best,

A strange day would make them, happy and snappy

Why wouldn’t join Minky and Pinky

And enjoy your best moments till they are sleepy


About: Minky and Pinky the chicks

This poem is for my friends and sisters, Ishmam, Daneen and Uroosh who love to have pets.  They had a pair of chicks who Uroosh named Minkey and Pinky.  Both unlucky chicks were eaten by a stray cat.  Sorry my lovely friends.  I hope your parents get you new pet.

My friends inspired me to write poem on their pets “Minky and Pinky the chicks”.

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