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They are walking through the forests,

wise and clear so you can’t hear,

changing their colors,

through every step they walk on,

water droplets landing on their body makes them blue,

walking on stems or leaves make their body green,

walking under the shades of the sun make their body yellow,

they walk every step,

 and then their skin changes into bright and dark colors,

they wish to travel beyond their understanding

and find new colors for their, skin pattern, and feelings,

as they explore walking on their feet,

without any means of transportation or conveyance.

Inspiration, Chameleon:

This poem is about Chameleon (old World lizards).  They are very flexible and adapt themselves to different environments.  They move a lot and do it without any transportation and conveyance.  Sometimes, I believe they would like to move beyond their understanding to change colors, skin patterns and even their feelings.

What is your opinion?

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Civet, a short poem

Civet, A Short Poem

Civets are scared, why are they scared

They must had heard the howls of the wolves,

Or their dens had been destroyed,

No, I think they are shy creatures






Roses are sweet, but not petit,

They never dry out, as they fly in,

Precious for the house of those, who are good,

Pleasing for the house of those, who are special,

They never thought of encountering a lost rose,

Who was tossed away,

For being dried-up all of a sudden,

As they notice its specialty,

And that it’s not impoverished

Down they went to help the seed of the same specialty,

Rose, they met,

Precious to those who are good, with the identical rose,

Pleasing to those who are special, with the identical rose,

Then they go underneath the ground

They will meet,

The seed of same rose,

All with the help of the, identical rose

For just another beginning of a continuing course.

Inspiration, Rose:

Who does not like roses? This poem is about the most well known flower in flora world.  These are symbols of beauty, fragrance, love, life, perfumes, food, drinks, art, medicines and symbolism.  Flowers are not for just tossed out after receiving but there is a cycle of their presence. A new flower replaces the old one and sometimes old ones give rise to new plants.

About Flower:

There are hundreds of species and color combinations all around the world.  They are mostly native to Asia but grown throughout the World.  United States has adopted it as their floral emblem. Red colored one is mostly available and admired. Mostly these are a prominent flower in any bouquet.

Distillation of crushed petals produces essential oils. Another product of the process is Roses water. That is being utilized mostly in cooking, drinks and medicines.

Cat a short poem

Cat, a short poem

Short Poem

I heard a noise with the letter m,

I heard it again but louder,

As I come closer it was getting louder,

Meow! , it is a cat.


Cat, a short poem – Inspiration:

Cat, a short poem is a funny piece for my younger brothers, cousins and friends.  All the kids loved it.

We all sibling love to have a pet cat but unfortunately we did not have it yet.

Do you think we can have a better friendship with pets? I have no idea as yet.

Desert Falcon

Desert Falcon -


As it flies at the nights of the desert, finding its prey for the day,

               No one knows where it’s headed or where it’s stopping by,

Think hard to find the falcon flying through the deserts far away,

But finding one is possible, but finding flock is impossible,

Find and think hard to locate the flock to which it belongs,

With the guidance, the desert falcon may draw near,

Steadily walking through the desert, you encounter the desert falcon,

Who may be waiting for your arrival, for days, months, and years,

The time has came, to meet with the falcon,

Speechless when you hear its chant,

Who can visit the flock of the desert falcons?

Inspiration, Desert Falcon:

Being the World’s fastest animal, it inspires anyone or may be everyone.  Anyhow, I love falcons as if they are free, they are kind of living a king’s life on the sky but in captivity, the are mostly kept as a king of birds and trained as a sharp hunter.  Arab loves falcon and it is a symbol of pride for them.

The word desert falcon is so popular that when you search google, you find a  famous game with same name, a perfume, a gun , plane or jet……..

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Lunar & Solar Eclipse

Lunar & Solar Eclipse


As we look above the sky we see the moon,

As ordinary as any moon

But when the special night comes,

It’s different than the others,

As the sun passes behind the moon,

It becomes red as a sun,

But when the special day comes,

It’s different than the others,

It’s all blackout,

People start to notice that

There is an eclipse, lunar or solar

Children gather around to see the amazing eclipse,

While the other are super suspicious or superstitious,

Some gather their cameras,

To frame the eclipse, lunar or solar

Inspiration, Lunar & Solar Eclipse

Its lunar eclipse night but unfortunately weather is cloudy so I will not be able to see it.  Lunar & solar eclipse is phenomenon which according to some people is superstitious but for some is time to unpack their cameras and take beautiful shots.

Do you think eclipse has some superstitions attached to it?

Unique Phenomenon

It is an amazing view when moon gets red in night due to alignment of sun, moon and earth.  This occurs when abnormally all three astronomical bodies cross paths which is not a normal way of nature.

Every year people observe it and most of the people avoid getting out of home during sun eclipse but as solar eclipse occurs during night, most of the people are in their beds.

Partial overshadow occurs more often as compared to full.  It normally stays for few hours.


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Town Boy and Town Rabbit

Town Boy and Town Rabbit -


He comes stomping on the town,

Knowing where to go and what to seek,

He has a favor for the town rabbit,

But, the town rabbit fear not,

Chased away far but scared,

Ran the town boy after the town rabbit.

Town Boy and Town Rabbit, Inspiration:

Rabbit get scared when he sees a boy and we know animals take some time before they are tamed.  poem, town boy and town rabbit, is about the start of pet and owner relationship.  Do you like it?

Football or Soccer ball


Kick it hard or slow, but should go,

No one goal is so bold, as we go they get harder,

Everyone aims at the ball as it lands on your palm,

Try so hard a hard snatch from your feet goes your work,

As a flea, turns around a flock attacking,

Run around with the ball on the track,

Who shall win will be a hard and tough one,

I don’t want to play as a part, no one there gives a part,

Who will play a part in the game of football?

Football or Soccer ball, Inspiration:

This short poem is about an intense football or soccer ball match.  Unfortunately like basketball match, I had to watch it through the end but did not get a chance to play on the field.  We lost the match but my mind was boggling why our team is not playing a proper game.

Galaxy and Stars

Starts and Galaxy - poemtheart


A light can describe the world but if we look,

We just see a star,

Because of the pollution, alas we see no stars

But the places with less pollution, we can see,

Stars, milky ways and open sky,

Only if we took care of the environment,

We could see them again.

Galaxy and Stars – Inspiration

Now a days moon is mostly visible in the night along with few stars.  All this is due to pollution.  Smog is even worse which makes even moon invisible.  Technology has many benefits but pollution is one of the worse bye product of technology.

If you want new generation to enjoy evenings, avoid polluting environment otherwise next generations will forget starts, galaxy, milky ways, open sky.

How we can make our environment pollution free. what are your thoughts, comment please?

External links:

Pollution, Galaxy and Stars are key subject of this poem.  Some of the important external links about these are provided below:

  1. Pollution free environment:

2. Wikipedia on Pollution:

3. UN report:


Happy Birthday Daud


A boy with happy pleasure,

Came running down from the school,

On the grey car with great big eyes,

Rush down and down to the little,

House with a sandy peach castle,

Everyone was waiting for the day,

His birthday was today on the lucky fool’s day April,

Give this boy a great big hug,

Because it’s his lucky big birthday bash with lots of smiles,

Now the birthday ended and now he’s eight.

Happy Birthday Daud, Inspiration:

We celebrated Daud’s birthday on 3rd April this year.  He is eight now.  We crafted birthday card and with this poem, he was most happiest kid on his special day.

After writing birthday poem for my uncle, this was the second piece for my cousin brother and fellow Minecraft player.

Happy Birthday Daud!!!