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Summer has come


Bright and hot, the sun is angry

Everyone has gone, somewhere under the rainbow,

Can’t find the magnificent rainbow that seeks,

Under the sun, try to find the way,

There were so many flocks under the sun,

That they don’t reveal themselves,

It’s hot and sunny,

Summer has come.


This poem is about summer weather.  First thing that comes to our mind is holidays during summer.  You hardly see any flocks during peak heat at noon.  Mid days are for the rest for everyone, evenings are for play and fun.  We eagerly wait for rainy season and winters.  What do you think?


Far and Wide

Far and Wide -


I set far and wide,

May be looking for furthest and widest,

Seek behind, I see and hear,

They step on the big and small,

They don’t know the size,

But they only know the far and wide


A poem about misjudging the thinking of someone. Rather than following someone with your intentions, one should seek clarification. Life goes on.  What do you think?





Rod a Pet German shepherd

Rod a Pet German shepherd,


Rod came rushing through the streets, as a puppy,

He was happy as he goes, wishing for more,

He always grew and with his happiness, he was always loved,

No one knows how he grew tall, very quickly,

He may get greedy, or develop quirky attitudes,

When he goes for a walk, he gets curious temperament,

Jumping, running and growling,

But is always loved from everyone,

Now the bad news has arrived,

He died, under mysterious circumstances,

And everyone was sad with worried time.

*Good bye Rod, have a nice journey*

Inspiration, Rod a Pet German Shepherd

Rod was the pet, German Shepherd, of my cousin Abdul Rahman who took very good care of this puppy since it was just few days old.  As he grew up and tamed, everyone loved him.  My cousin had a strong bond and best friendship with his pet. A few months back, he got sick and later died in veterinary clinic. It was a sad day for my cousins and everyone cried.  All we can say “good bye Rod, have a nice journey”.

My cousins are so disheartened by his death that now they don’t want to have another pet anytime soon although the life goes on.

Have you ever experienced any such incident with your pet? Your thoughts in comments please.


Friendship - Poemtheart


We make great effort and style,

But we don’t make close friends,

Together we play great roles on the stage,

But we don’t make friends, even close ones

That goes on,

We don’t recognize them later in life,

Even though we see them passing by us,

They might recognize us, but never tell,

As we refrained talking to them in past,

Just because there was a time, where we could have,

Become close friend with them,

But our mind refuses, as we cross path,

But most importantly,

We don’t recognize the word friendship,

Where we can recognize anyone easily,

And fool around together.



This poem is about one of the best relations in one’s life.  You make friends at various stages of your life and then as you move on, relationship closes. This makes you scared of making new friends.

It is important to make friends and maintain this relationship long lasting.  This will give you opportunity to enjoy your best moments in life with someone very close to you.

Sincere ones are your best friends and an asset for you forever.

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Poem – Weather

Poem - Weather, PoemTheArt


weather can be joyful if climate is fair,

It doesn’t speak, it doesn’t move, it is weather

Storm, rain, tornado, hurricane, and hail,

Maybe caused by weather, when the climate is unfair.



This is my firm belief that unfair acts by humans against their creator and nature cause harsh atmosphere patterns.  What do you think?

Weather and Seasons

Weather and seasons are quite similar as we observe persistent one during each season but we also face harsh atmosphere as well.  There are four seasons in one year.


Winter is the season of cold and freezing breeze. Some animals take shelter while some other ones have thick fur to survive the cold. Winter is also one of my favourite season and it’s full of snow and snowflakes. I also love the fruits in the season they are very fresh and juicy, especially oranges. Also the dry fruits will arrive when its winter! It will be so much fun. Also well before the season some animals collect food.


It is the hottest and warmest season. It is also good for going to the beach in the mildly cold ocean water.  Mangoes are king of fruits, arrive in summer, are soft and yummy flavoured, while peaches are juicy and squishy.  Now when we still are in the warm season we can explore the hot desert areas, mountainous hills and adventurous. There are many creatures that keenly appear in the season.


In spring, all the new flowers and leaves grow throughout the season. It is also the season of new life and all exiting living beings are alive and fresh. I really like the butterflies which come out as the season comes, they have colourful wings and pattern just like any flower grows in the spring. It becomes very colourful as spring come’s and passes. They are many beautiful flowers in my garden when spring comes and goes. I enjoy spring a lot, as it is one of my favourite season. Animal that hibernated in the winter will appear on the first warm days of spring. Animals like squirrels get more active when its spring and are easy to spot.


Autumn is also known as fall, it’s the season where all the leaves of trees fall, they also change their colors to yellow, orange and red. It’s also my favourite season due to variety of colors. It arrives before winter and also its is the time for some animals to start collecting food before winter comes. It’s a less warm or mildly cold season.

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